In 2007, Jim Wayman, a member of Concord’s Agricultural Committee, persuaded the town and a group of volunteers to host Concord’s first Stone Soup dinner. Jim loved the idea that a small town in Italy, Buonconvento, came together to “celebrate community, respect for the land and gratitude for what it provides.” He loved the idea of a dinner that stretched on long tables where neighbors came together to share dishes made from locally-grown food.

We’re pleased to announce that Stone Soup will celebrate its 11th year this year! It truly has become an annual town event.

Stone Soup will be held at Verrill Farm.

The date is Sunday, September 22rd, 2019 at 4:00 for live music, drinks (local beer and wine) and appetizers. 5:00 for dinner. 

Tickets are $40 per person and are on sale at The Concord Cheese Shop, and Verrill Farm.

As in years past, the farms and food establishments of Concord will donate their produce and mouth-watering food. All “profits” from the sale of tickets will again go to help keep farming alive and well in Concord.

This collaborative effort truly celebrates Concord’s agricultural heritage. It connects us to the land that feeds us. We invite you to come eat deliciously for the food of the town.

–  Jenn Verrill, Chris Saia of West Concord Wine & Spirits, Justin Kopaz of the Concord Cheese Shop & all of us working on Stone Soup 2019